Beauty with BINKSY- My story

As a beauty advisor I felt it was important to share with you my own journey. For years I have had a love/hate relationship with my skin. As a child I had no problems at all really but suddenly at around 18 years old everything changed. I started to suffer with cystic acne- luckily for me it wasn’t all over my face but I would get one, two or three huge spots that just seemed to rule my face, and it seemed my life- when one died down another one or two were there to take it’s place. I could feel the fear building up inside me when I felt the first pang of soreness on my face- usually my chin. I would start to panic inside- knowing that there was really nothing I could do but wait the two weeks for it to come up to the surface- erupt and eventually go away. I tried everything- from spot cream to toothpaste to steaming my face to placing a hot teaspoon on it to spot dots to plasters to nothing! None of it worked and I definitely DON’T recommend you try any of those tricks. Infact most of the time they just made it worse. The amount of time in my life that I must have wasted staring at the spot in a mirror just willing it to go away. At around 23 years old I started working for a shopping TV channel and found that my face was constantly on show. I was so conscious of these spots that I would at times ask the cameraman to 'not zoom in too close' as I felt so conscious of this 'thing' showing, usually on my chin. I remember one of my lovely make-up artist friends saying to me that I seemed to have this one huge spot that would just move around my face- and that was so true! I can laugh at that now but at the time I was so ruled by how I felt walking around with a huge spot on my face I was traumatised every time one appeared and that panic of feeling one on its way was awful. It honestly can have such a massive impact on your confidence and I really feel for anyone suffering from any type of skin condition.

After I had had my two children I felt sure that my skin would calm down but it didn’t so eventually after many trips to the doctors, various antibiotics, creams that seemed to burn my face and make it so dry and painful I switched my products to ones that were pure, safe and beneficial and went back on the contraceptive pill. I have also researched a lot about 'what we put into our bodies' so I have massively changed my diet too. Touch wood these changes seem to be working for me and I would urge anyone that is reading this with any sort of confidence issue surrounding your skin to look at your products- your lifestyle and in particular what you are putting into your body. Definitely look at your diet and also how to manage your stress levels.

Please know that you are not alone. I spent hours wondering why some people had lovely clear skin and I didn't, and you know what, sometimes those ‘clear skinned’ people of the world just don’t understand. So I would love to hear from you. If I can be of any help along the way then my job is done and I am happy.

I will be recommending my favourite products here so please do follow my posts and please reach out as I will answer all messages perosnally.

Waiting to hear from you,

With love


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